Comprehensive Cycling Training, Coaching and Bike Fit
Comprehensive Cycling Training, Coaching and Bike Fit
Comprehensive Cycling Training, Coaching and Bike Fit
Checkout the Speed and Power Clinic Flyer!!
The Speed and Power Clinic will make you faster!!
“Incredible Lessons In Interval Training”
6 Weeks
Tuesday Evening or Thursday Evening or Both
Starting March 13th and March 15th, 2018
Tuesdays 5:20 P.M. or 6:55 P.M. Classes
Thursdays 5:55 P.M. Only Class
Medical Clearance Form is required for all new clinic members over the age of 35

The final Clinic of the Cycling Academy Training Clinic series that puts the "icing on the fitness cake" is THE SPEED AND POWER CLINIC.

After 9 weeks of long climbs and roller riding, the program changes to high-power output, short work bouts, and rest periods. The focus for the next 6 weeks is on higher-than-normal effort, elevated heart rates and short speed and sprint bouts, interspersed with numerous rest intervals--all done on the Monark ergometer and wind trainer.

30 - 35 Minute Ride on the Monark Stationary Ergometer
     Improves aerobic capactiy, lung function, leg strength, climbing power, flat speed, and recovery.

30 - 35 Minute Ride with your bike on the Wind Trainer
     Improves leg power, leg speed, leg strength, lung efficiency and power, aerobic power, heart function, road speed, and recovery.

This class can also help you to lose weight (fat), burn calories directly, increase metabolism, and improve your general fitness, health, confidence and your quality of life (not to mention your love life).

This is interval training at its very best. And the outcome will be a superior cyclist who can cruise at a faster speed with less effort, jump out of the saddle to catch and roll by other riders, while recovering quickly to be ready for the next (effortless) challenge.

Look original, Look KEO, Shimano SPD or Shimano Road SL compatible shoes/cleats are required.

All of these clinics are run by Robert Kahler who has been cycling for over 35 Years including being a California State Champion, was a National Coach for 6 Years, and has a Masters of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology.

Be a part of the super-fit!!

Classes are limited to 33 spaces each -- and these Clinics always fill!

Be a part of it!!
Allow THE BOSSMAN to take you to the next level!
Give us a call at (714) 713-9557!!

Download Speed and Power Clinic Application, Liability Release, and Medical Clearance Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download Acrobat Reader From Adobe's Website

Print the Application, fill it out, and drop it in the mail with your check to:
Robert Kahler
Kahler Cycling Academy
117 N. Prospect
Tustin, CA 92780
Give us a call at (714) 713-9557!!

After the Speed and Power Clinic, test yourself on the Breathless Agony,
the Toughest Century in Southern California!!

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